Judging by the cover by bonny gainley

Nothing Wrong about It. Her essay is a little outdated. As a result, many parents complained to the program director.

During the whole article she makes it difficult to understand which side she is on, or if she even has a side. She explains how everyone wants to be accepted for how they are. Although businesses are supposed to judge you on qualifications rather than appearance, sometimes they do for a number of reasons, safety, client acceptance, or perhaps parental acceptance.

The father, who often wore tight black clothes with metal chains, had both of his arms covered by tattoos. This is not about human rights and freedom, but about free enterprise. Job seekers need to be aware of this and when looking for a job, they should wear appropriate clothes to the interview.

Judging by the Cover; by Bonny Gainley

Ideally, we are free to make our own decisions as long as we want to. Fortunately enough, the majority of our people holds appropriate values and tastes, which enable us to build up our valuable cultural customs, and to live in a stable, prosperous society.

Posted by zhoufamily at. It is misleading that she uses a high school newspaper when she has geared this article toward college students, but by saying this, she shows how juvenile and naive young adults may be for thinking companies would accept them regardless of how they look.

Nothing Wrong about It Judging by the Cover: We will write a custom essay sample on Judging by the Cover or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER She seems to be trying to talk about too many issues in such a short article and it becomes very confusing and misleading, starting with the very first paragraph.

Imagine if 2 people walked into a job for an interview. Now, they have business suits out there just for women.

Before you go out and get that new tattoo, or that new body piercing, jobseekers need to be aware that companies are not going to change to accommodate you. Fortunately, many of them present themselves in the appropriate way that build up an important element of a decent society.

When that time comes, there will be another thing deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

A few scientists state we have certain genes that control those inferences. Dress codes exist for a reason. The author states she does not have an issue with visible tattoos and body piercings; she was paid at a job to choose people to hire based on who would make the best impression on her customers.

She seems to be trying to explain to the reader that although you should not judge a book by its cover, businesses often make assumptions by their appearance. Our family accepts us for who we are but our workplace may not.

More importantly, if we are careful observers, we can draw the right conclusions and learn things by looking at a person.

She then gives her opinion by stating how she does not have a problem with tattoos which takes away from the meaning she is trying to say. Although the scientific hypothesis might not have been justified, we do draw conclusions with a person at first sight.

Her story might have received more notice and flowed better if she would have started with the second paragraph instead. Gainley does make some really good points when discussing why people need to be aware of how they look.

Bonny Gainley author of “judging by the cover” represent argue in what employees cover in workplace and how companies choose the cloth in workplace.

Sep 28,  · Judging by the Cover: Nothing Wrong about It. In her essay “Judging by the Cover,” Bonny Gainley expresses that people are free to present their desired images, which might not be appreciated by the employers who, in light of the businesses interests.

Essay on Judging by the Cover Words Apr 17th, 4 Pages “Judging by the Cover,” is an essay written in by Bonny Gainley who is. Judging by the cover by bonny gainley essay Environmental Science In an article judging by the cover by Bonny Gainley Choices Affect Job Opportunities Essay Below is an essay on " Personal Choices Affect Job Opportunities.

Judging by the Cover

Judging By The Cover By Bonny Gainley “Judging by the Cover,” is an essay written in by Bonny Gainley who is a consultant, speaker, and author. It originally appeared in an opinion column in a Colorado newspaper. Although non-discriminatory, she believes that people project messages about themselves with their appearance.

The article Judging by the Cover by Bonny Gainley explains that no one should be discriminated on how the individual dresses and whatever messages it portrays to the public or in the workplace.

Judging by the cover by bonny gainley
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