The character of john clark in the military fiction book rainbow six

The first incident happens in a Swiss bank where terrorists have taken control. While some of the Rainbow troopers get ambushed, they manage to retake the building and capture some of the terrorists. It is code-named Rainbow, and Clark is put in command of the unit with the simulated rank of Major General.

The operation is mostly successful: This is eventually determined to have been ordered by a radical eco-terrorist group, which Rainbow tracks down and destroys in the last pages of the novel.

Contacted by a CIA recruiter, he was approached to act as a consultant and analyst for the Agency, writing important documents and inventing methods of counter-espionage.

John Clark (Tom Clancy character)

Towards the end of the book, he and Chavez are returned to the field and ordered to discover who is responsible for the Ebola attack on the United States, an action they quickly trace to the new United Islamic Republic comprising Iran and Iraq.

Based in Hereford, United Kingdomthe unit consists of a highly effective and cohesive pair of operational squads composed of elite soldiers from NATO countries, and is supplemented by intelligence and technological experts from MI6Mossadand FBI. Several weeks later, they are deployed to Austriawhere a group of left-wing German terrorists have taken over the schloss of a wealthy Austrian businessman in order to obtain imaginary "special access codes" to the international trading markets.

The titular Rainbow organization. Both characters have appeared together in numerous novels, the first of which was The Cardinal of the Kremlin, and have been featured both working together and sometimes at odds. This book was published by G.

This special unit is created soon thereafter, with its base in HerefordBritain. Soon thereafter, they are sent to Japan to assess the national mood of the country, where Clark is undercover as a Russian reporter. Set after Executive Ordersbut before The Bear and the Dragonand its cast plays a role in the latter.

Fewer than a hundred people in the U. He was a British SAS operative and likes to much fun of bad situations. In response, Kelly faked his own death with the help of the CIA, which falsifies the identity of the fingerprints found at one of the murder scenes and goes to work for the CIA full-time, under the pseudonym "John Clark".

Clark also appeared in many of the Clancy based movies as well as the Rainbow Six video game series. Later, however, Clark temporarily returns to the Campus after an attack by Chinese Special Forces, and with the Campus operators, travels to China calling in his favor with the Russian FSB for the support and equipment needed for their mission and works with local rebels to assassinate Chairman Su Ke Qiang - effectively ending the Second America-China War.

Through careful planning and negotiating, the terrorists are persuaded to take their hostages out to a waiting helicopter, presumably to make their getaway.

John Clark (Tom Clancy character)

Pages Summary This book is about an elite multination special operations unit known as Rainbow Six. Rainbow is " blacker than black " with its American funding directed through the U.

When the situation turns into a war between Japan and the United States, they establish contacts with the opposition in the Japanese government and are also tasked to eliminate a pair of Japanese AWACS planes.

This despite the fact that he intensely wants this man to suffer, and the fact that he knows every single police officer and soldier standing around the scene would cheerfully turn a blind eye to any amount of torture that anyone might care to wander by and inflict on the individual in question.

In Threat Vectorit is established Clark has been completely exonerated via a public apology by outgoing U. President Kealty, and the revelation the world's press were being manipulated by elements of Russian intelligence, results in the matter being dropped quickly. The book has a tendency to repeat certain points over and over.

Clark and his colleagues become suspicious about this flurry of activity from older terrorists. He will become very important later on in the book. Clark has the survivors stripped naked and left to fend for themselves in the jungle, taunting them to "reconnect with nature.

He would later go on to name on of his daughters after her. The ecoterrorists have this in spades, with relentless lampshading. He is one of the most trusted members of team rainbow-one.

After an operation to eliminate a group of former Libyan military intelligence operatives, Clark, still recovering from his injuries, combined with his increasing age, decides it is time to properly retire - and submits his resignation to the Campus.

This proves to be his last act with the CIA, as he is pushed into retirement by Kealty political appointees. Clark, knowing that they may never be put on trial, tracks down the Brazilian hideout and deploys Rainbow to the location. Early in the novel, Jack Ryan, the new President, issues a presidential pardon to John Terence Kelly for his several murders.

His attention to detail is also as sharp as ever. Recommendations Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations. Towards the end of the book, he and Chavez are returned to the field and ordered to discover who is responsible for the Ebola attack on the United States, an action they quickly trace to the new United Islamic Republic comprising Iran and Iraq.

Therefore, the "excess" billions must be killed off. The person that has hired him is the president of a multi-national pharmaceutical company, that has access to and deals with extremely deadly viruses, he is extremely wealthy.

Clark stated that everyone in his unit got the tattoo. Military-Techno-Thrillers. He has written fiction and non-fiction books, Rainbow Six is a fiction book. As for other titles, well there are just to many to list, in total Some books that he has written are The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, to list a few.

What i did not know about “Tom Clancy” in Tom Clancy Rainbow Six has an absolute perfect start to this fantastic Story. In the beginning of this book John Clark has this personality of /5.

Booktopia has Rainbow Six, John Clark: Book 2 by Tom Clancy. Buy a discounted Paperback of Rainbow Six online from Australia's leading online bookstore. Outside the novels, John Clark's career continues further in the Rainbow Six video game series.

In Rainbow Six: Critical Hour, Clark retires and passes the leadership of Team Rainbow on to his son-in-law, Domingo "Ding" Chavez. John Clark takes over as head of a new international anti-terrorist group code-named Rainbow.

He immediately has to take on a variety of terrorists, including an. Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy is a continuation in the John Clark series by Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy is a top secret FBI agent who is offered to become the Top Dog for a /5.

The character of john clark in the military fiction book rainbow six
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