The mystery of drear house

Pluto flees into the cave. He delivers an ominous warning about haunting in the area before he leaves. Book Reports term papers Disclaimer: Why did Thomas think his father moved the family to Ohio. I thought I could predict part of the very ending, but my guesses were wrong.

Both the house and its unusual caretaker, Mr. Darrow, an aweinspiring recluse whose mind is trapped burrowing in the past as others might be caught burrowing in Drear's perilous historic tunnels, makes her way through a tunnel that the Smalls were unaware of, into their dwelling.

The surrounding property and underground tunnels on premises play major roles in defining the plot and motive for the characters bizarre actions.

Thomas, Pluto, and Pluto's son Mayhew work together to save the slave artifacts from neighbors, who think the "treasures" in the room are things that can make them rich.

Essays, term papers, research papers related: Pluto to a hospital for real, as Mayhew worries for his father's health, but he refuses to go.


She shows how kindness and letting someone know that your care, and to be able to let the past go can bring even the worst of enemies together.

I like that Hamilton didn't describe Thomas's appearance, but I think if I were sharing this with kids, I'd want to make it clear that Thomas is black from the start so that his reflections about slavery are understood in the proper context.

Finally he hears his mother talking and pounds on a passage wall, which opens up into the house.

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Small explains what happened in the house. Pluto inside once, but has helped him keep the secret instead of telling the Darrows. Place the Underground Railroad routes on a United States map.

There was a problem adding your email address. Invite students to work together to share what they know about the history of slavery and about the methods used by fugitive slaves and those who helped them escape to northern states and to Canada. He did this so they could live next to each other without feuding.

Encourage them to express the variety of racial, ethnic, religious, and national heritages found in the United States. Have students write a report about a person famous for their activities during the pre-Civil War period. How would you describe them.

The Smalls find them in the morning, unsure what they mean, though they determine they form an incomplete square with a greek cross inside when put together. The Darrows are a feuding family and believe that there is gold buried on the Small"s land.

The House of Dies Drear

As an adult, though, I was neither bored nor bogged down by dry prose. They feel that it should belong to them and pull many risky stunts to try and find it. The Mystery of Drear House. How did Virginia Hamilton create a mood of mystery.

The dishes are all broken.


She shows how kindness and letting someone know that your care, and to be able to let the past go can bring even the worst of enemies together. There are rumors that the house is haunted by the ghosts of two escaped slaves who were captured and killed, and by the ghost of Dies Drear himself.

Whichever book I read back then, however, I enjoyed Virginia Hamilton's writing a lot more as an adult. What character traits does Thomas possess that reveal themselves through the text. When the Darrows arrive at Mr. The Voice of the People.


Sequel to: The house of Dies Drear A black family living in the house of long-dead abolitionist Dies Drear must decide what to do with his stupendous treasure, hidden for. The House of Dies Drear (the Edgar Award Winner for Best Juvenile Mystery) is about thirteen-year-old Thomas Small, his parents, and his infant siblings, who move from North Carolina to Ohio to live in a house which was part of the Underground Railroad and belonged to an abolitionist named Dies Drear.

Both the house and its unusual. Book Review of "The Mystery of Drear House" The book I read is a fiction story called, "The Mystery of Drear House". This is an exciting sequel to "The House of Dies Drear".Author: Virginia Hamilton.

The mystery of Drear House: The conclusion of the Dies Drear chronicle by Virginia Hamilton. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Pub. Co. Paperback. POOR. Noticeably used book. Heavy wear to cover. Pages contain marginal notes, underlining, and or highlighting.

Possible ex library copy, with all the markings/stickers of that library. From Virginia Hamilton, the author of the Newbery Medal and National Book Award winning M.C. Higgins, the Great, comes a spellbinding mystery filled with edge-of-the-seat suspense. The House of Dies Drear wraps an important history lesson into a brilliantly imaginative story for all ages.

Character’s Point of View Now that the mystery of the house of Dies Drear has been solved, why does Thomas not want to solve the mystery of what is in the hanging trunk?

What does this tell you about Thomas? What If? 4. Connect Look at your notes on Student Journal, page 2. Think about what would.

The house of Dies Drear / The mystery of drear house
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The House of Dies Drear Plot Analysis