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On the left shoe she had noticed that one of the crisscrossing laces had missed a hole, and this oversight set her at ease. This modernization can also be heard in "The Chosen One", a short rap song with an Indian-inspired synth melody heard when Gogol gets his head shaven in New York.

She wipes sweat from her face with the free end of her sari. Before he goes to Ohio for a teaching apprenticeship, Ashoke tells Gogol the story of how he came up with his name. Now, in addition, she wears a plastic bracelet with a typed label identifying her as a patient of the hospital.

There were also scenes of the Victoria Memorial Hall of Calcutta, scenes of Howrah Station, the Howrah Bridge and other locations that are readily identifiable with the city. Active Themes One reason for moving is the marriage of Sonia to Ben, which is scheduled to take place in Calcutta next year.

Searching for comfort, and accepting his new life alone, Gogol finally reads the stories written by his namesake on the train home. Ashima, adapted at last to this American environment in a few important ways, is now caught between two cultures just as her children have been.

These were her last moments as Ashima Bhaduri, before becoming Ashima Ganguli. Shortly after, while Gogol is on a vacation with Maxine's family, Ashoke dies.

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He reads about the riots that took place during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and about Dr. She searches for Ashoke's face, but he has stepped behind the curtain the doctor has drawn.

Gogol returns home to help Ashima pack the house when he finds the book Ashoke gave him as a graduation present. Continue reading Show less Is it any good. The story outlines the stark differences between Indians raised in the States trying to embrace parental Indian values whilst also seeking inclusion in the American way of living.

The dialogue is atrocious too. They inquired after her studies and she was asked to recite a few stanzas from "The Daffodils. Ashima cooking is an image that mirrors the first page of the novel. He was transferred to Calcutta Medical College, where two screws were put into his hips.

He carried a single volume for the journey, a hardbound collection of short stories by Nikolai Gogol, which his grandfather had given him when he'd graduated from class twelve. English had been her subject. The Namesake Release Date: March 9, “The Namesake” is the story of the Ganguli family whose move from Calcutta to New York evokes a lifelong balancing act.

The move from Calcutta to New York isn’t an easy one for new bride Ashima in Mira Nair’s family saga, based on Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel. Her children, however, grow up to embrace Stateside life. The Namesake () Follow the movie on Facebook.

Plot Summary. After moving from Calcutta to New York, members of the Ganguli family maintain a delicate balancing act between honoring the.

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Dec 06,  · “The Namesake” tells a story that is the story of all immigrant groups in America: Parents of great daring arriving with dreams, children growing up in a way that makes them almost strangers, the old culture merging with the new/5.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Namesake, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The Indian Immigrant Experience Family, Tradition, and Ritual.

Following one immigrant family across decades, The Namesake is an eventful yet overly familiar drama about homeland ties stretched by assimilation and repeated tragedies, and its cultural.

The namesake movie
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