The pointlessness of violence in flight a novel by sherman alexie

There are no repercussions for his actions. Yet oddly, he befriends Officer Dave who is the fgure of Justice and protects people from violence. But they're not here and haven't been for years.

In the film received a Christopher Award, presented to the creators of artistic works "which affirm the highest values of the human spirit. Page history last edited by PBworks 10 years, 11 months ago Here are some resources for learning about and discussing some of Flight's major themes: His father talks to a Native American with peeling skin and lightning bolts painted on his body; Zits realizes this is Crazy Horse, the Oglala war leader.

The next character he becomes is a mute Indian boy. There is some talk that the ending is too up, that things come together a bit too easily. The only place that gives Zits stability and comfort is, oddly, jail.

He helps Bow Boy and Small Saint escape from the advancing cavalry. Officer Dave is the nice, understanding, and model citizen that Zits never was. Characters[ edit ] Zits Michaelthe main character, is fifteen-years-old.

Start at the Wikipedia page on Revengeexamine the Old Testamentand read what Sun Tzu might have to say about it. Initially, Zits is reluctant to accept their generosity but he warms up to them when he realizes their compassion for him is genuine.

His Irish-American mother died from breast cancer when he was six years old. Zits comfort in the familiarity of Jail results in a friend. The theme of revenge parallels nicely with the morale questions raised in Flight, and since "Killings" is a short story, it could be easily incorporated into a unit teaching Flight.

Plot summary[ edit ] Flight begins with Zits waking up in a new foster home. He constantly is getting arrested, so much that the police talk to him on a friendly level. He was a troubled youth constantly getting into trouble.

Who would have thought that somewhere as awful as Jail could produce a friendship. Beyond the Foster Care System: After opening fire in the lobby, Zits perceives he has been shot in the head, ultimately sending him back in time. Obscenity Zits philosophizes about the nature of obscenity, and any teacher wanting to use Flight in the classroom needs to consider the pros and cons of obscenity as part of the educational experience: Through these experiences, he learns empathy as he gains the perspectives of others.

Officer Dave is a city cop in Seattle, WA. Being tossed from place to place, Zits cannot even recognize where he wakes up in the morning and does not care. More about that later. When Zits rein-habits his own body, he is standing in the bank staring at a small boy.

The protagonist, Zits, has been shuffled from foster home to foster home since his mother passed and father abandoned him. She is trying her hardest to make Zits feel at home and finally safe. However, after a course of events he begins to change. Initially, Zits is reluctant to accept their generosity but he warms up to them when he realizes their compassion for him is genuine.

Flight's Major Themes

Some have claimed that the happy ending might be reason to suggest that "Flight" is a YA book because only a book written for teens would have such an abrupt ending. He is supposed to turn them over but instead helps them get away because the young man joined the military to help people.

For the past nine years of his life, he has been bounced around from negligent family members to remiss foster homes. But Alexie makes it work. Zits does not want anything to do with things that are temporary. Unlike previous works, where characters and plots intersected even in his short storiesthis novel remains disjointed.

After returning from his "flights" he stands in a bank with the choice to pull out his gun and begin firing or walk away from the consequences and guilt he would forever face. His acne and life blemishes have always defined him. I never knew him During his flashback, Zits transforms into many different historical characters.

Flight is a novel written by Sherman Alexie. It is written in the first-person, from the viewpoint of a Native American teenager who calls himself Zits, "a time traveling mass murderer." Zits is a foster child, having spent the majority of his life moving from one negative or abusive family experience to another.

Flight identifies both with Indian Killer and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Flight’s violent plot line is very much like the horror readers experience in the story of Indian Killer at the same time, the main character experiences a ton of growth through his visions of horrible violence.

Flight Quotes. Want to Read saving ― Sherman Alexie, Flight. tags: cold, hiding, numb, others, tears. 82 likes. Like “Yes, I am Irish and Indian, which would be the coolest blend in the world if my parents were around to teach me how to be Irish and Indian.

But they're not here and haven't been for years, so I'm not really Irish or Indian. Apr 11,  · Author Sherman Alexie Talks 'Flight' Sherman Alexie's new book, Flight, explores the life of a time-traveling foster kid with homicidal tendencies, who is half Native American and half Irish.

Get this from a library! Flight: a novel. [Sherman Alexie] -- On the verge of committing an act of violence, a troubled, orphaned Indian teenager finds himself hurtled through time and into various bodies, before returning to himself, forever altered by his. Flight by Sherman Alexie available in Trade Paperback on, also read synopsis and reviews.

Flight : a novel

Sherman Alexie is one of our most gifted and accomplished storytellers and a treasured writer of /5(23).

The pointlessness of violence in flight a novel by sherman alexie
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