The spread of the industrial revolution around the world

This unit recaps the economic and political events that led to the rise of the West, but examines and re-examines those events through differing opinions of its causes, reflecting changes in historical interpretation.

Came to the United States to make his fortune and made a partnership with a hardware merchant-- Moses Brown --in Pawtucket, RI Slater put up his expertise and his partners put up the money, and Slater got half ownership set up in an old fulling mill inthen build a new mill in Within the next ten days, slaves had taken control of the entire Northern Province in an unprecedented slave revolt.

By the end of the 19th century, the United States led the world in manufacturing and industry. Developments in the iron industry also played a central role in the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution

Like Britain, it was possible to rise from poverty to riches through industrial business. First mill opened in built by more than Irish laborers who were subject to such discrimination that they were not allowed to work in the mill.

English as the official language. Some historians prefer to divide 19th-century history into relatively small chunks. Women lived in heavily supervised dormitorieswere required to attend church, followed many factory rulesand made good wages for women at the time.

Wages for those who labored in factories were low and working conditions could be dangerous and monotonous. In the 19th century, French roads and railway systems were greatly improved. In France, the economy relied on handmade items.

Russia's agricultural sector, however, was poorly managed. Industrialisation in each country had different social results. The German government developed iron and steel manufacturing companies.

As soon as William felt secure on the throne, after the Jacobite defeat, he brought England into the War of the League of Augsberg versus Francewhich continued until Their results include major changes in culture, economy and socio-political institutions.

Industrial Revolution

It took place with an armed insurrection in Petrograd on 25th October, Julian calendarwhich corresponds with 7th November, Gregorian calendar. It gained societal status.

The spread of the Industrial Revolution

Intwo Brits, William Cooke and Charles Wheatstonepatented the first commercial electrical telegraph. The growth of republics and liberal democracies, the spread of secularism, the development of modern ideologies, and the invention of total war all mark their birth with the Revolution.

France did not have a good source of coal, which also hindered industrial development. Industrialization also meant that some craftspeople were replaced by machines. rapid spread of industrial techniques to many parts of the world (everyone developed the techniques around the same time) Describe the environmental impact of the Industrial Revolution extraction of nonrenewable resources like coal, iron, petroleum, and more altered landscape.

Although it occurred around the same time as the French, American, Latin American, and Haitian Revolutions - between, say, and - the industrial revolution was really the most revolutionary of the bunch.

This lesson will introduce the First Industrial Revolution. We will study the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, some of its major impacts, and its spread throughout the world.

Spread of the Industrial Revolution from Great Britain. The Industrial Revolution was a major turning point in history as the transition from agrarian and manual labor-based economy to machine-based production fundamentally transformed economic, social, cultural and political life throughout Europe and eventually the rest of the world.

The spread of the Industrial Revolution, The Industrial Revolution, Industrial Revolution - societies and change, SOSE: Economy and Society, Year 9, ACT Introduction The Industrial Revolution fundamentally altered societies around the world.

Industrial Revolution in Europe

Apr 13,  · How Britain's Industrial Revolution Spread English Around the World - Russian Language Version The English Industrial Revolution and Theories of.

The spread of the industrial revolution around the world
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