The triple oppression of black females

The stable base of anti-fascist power was actually much smaller than could be deduced from the membership and propaganda of the KPD and SPD. What do you know about the things which are going on in our homes.

When resistance to this arises, when black consciousness and black organizations form themselves, in the slaves' rebellions from Soweto to Harlem, then this is directed against the imperialist status quo and white history.

This is different than solidarity with those suffering from racism in their own neighborhood. African-American women is seen as hostile, in many cases a violent threat. Sure, all leftists hated war and wished for happiness and liberation.

Whereas the working masses and women figure prominently as fighters in the liberation movement, thereby making an important difference to the colonial puppet's armies, they disappear after the national victory in the economy which has to be built up in the patriarchal society that has grown into a nation state.

The mobilizing force of Nazi ideologies was tied to those already present: The synthesis of these oppressions creates the conditions of our lives. The division of all women according to their "race" and nationality, according to their political convictions and their class status, dominated - under NS and during World War II in general - the patriarchal contradictions of their specific societies.

It is linked to the other forms of oppression and has a common history with them in the process of mutual stabilization. But a few aspects are noteworthy and perhaps something can be learned from them.

With the formation of COSATU inwomen workers took up the political struggle as well as the struggle for improved working and living conditions.

The Triple Oppression of Black Females

That's why it's better to talk about racisms in the plural than about racism. Real, tangible, positive changes.

Ethnicity: the fourth burden of black women - political action

Many Party members, on the other hand, had only been in the Party for a few months at the time of the study and the fluctuation between left- and right-wing parties was very high. As such, King believes that different oppressions interact with each other rather than acting independently.

The starting point is clear: But white feminists have to acknowledge that they form a part of economic and cultural imperialism, that they have an ethnocentric point of view, and they often think they have a higher intellect than other parts of the population.

Triple oppression

What does it mean in a situation in which black women do the domestic labor for white women. I could work as much and eat as much as a man—when I could get it—and bear the lash as well.

The risk of wrong or unfinished fights is a good reason for the left to abandon its self-security and self-centeredness. Triple oppression is a theory developed by black socialists in the United States, such as Claudia Jones. The theory states that a connection exists between various types of oppression, specifically classism, racism, and sexism.


The concept of black women's triple oppression was popularized within the Communist Party by party member Claudia Jones. Jones believed that black women's triple oppression based on race, class, and gender preceded all other forms of oppression.

popularized the “triple oppression” paradigm to describe black women’s oppression, she also articulated a socialist feminism that took into account not just race, but the disparate struggles of all working women.

Women resist triple oppression

While white feminists emphasise the problems of patriarchy or capitalism black women stress a triple oppression. All black people are subordinated by racial oppression, women are subordinated by sexual domination, black women are subordinated by both as well as class.

I want to point out that the triple oppression of black women is often ignored. While Jones synthesized and popularized the “triple oppression” paradigm to describe black women’s oppression, she also articulated a socialist feminism that took into account not just race, but the disparate struggles of all working women.

The fact that black women are at the same time oppressed by patriarchy, racism, and class rule is the main reason not to introduce analogies that would make triple oppression invisible.

Women resist triple oppression

We cannot define the one and only source of oppression.

The triple oppression of black females
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